Six Tips For Moving From Detroit MI To A Smaller Town

Six Tips For Moving From Detroit MI To A Smaller Town

When you move from Detroit to a smaller town like Glenn, MI, you will have a lot to get used to in your new neighborhood. Here are six tips from Dave’s Detroit Movers – a cheaper moving service that will help you adjust to smalltown living.

1. Get to know your neighbors.

When you live in a small town, your neighbors are going to know your business. It is best to introduce yourself to them as soon as possible and start things off on the right foot. There are some benefits of having smalltown neighbors, and if you ever need something, you will want to know that you can count on them.

2. Get used to shopping in smaller stores.

One of the things you might struggle to come to terms with when you move from Detroit to a small town is the size of the stores there. You might not even have any chain retailer around, and you will have to adjust yourself to the smaller stores. The prices may be a bit higher, too, but the service is typically amiable in smalltown stores.

3. Choose the right town for your family.

If you have children, then you will want to move to an area with the right school. Find the smaller town that has a school district that you fit into well. Choose a place with lovely parks and a great family atmosphere, and your children will grow up in a much different world than the city of Detroit.

4. Know that life is much slower there.

When you are in a city, no one will pay too much attention to you in a restaurant or the grocery store, but in a smalltown, anyone who knows you or who wants to get to know you might stop and talk to you. Life is much slower and calmer in a small town, and you will get to know everyone from the waitress at the diner to the librarian. Going out won’t be as much of an adventure as the city, but it will provide you with a comfortable and homey experience.

5. Get involved in the town.

Whether you get involved in the school that your child attends or you volunteer at the library or somewhere else in town, getting involved in the community will show that you care about it. It will also provide you with a great way to meet new people. Your life may not be as active as it was in the city, but you can make many friends in a small town.

6. Enjoy the quirkiness of the community.

Small towns have all kinds of quirks and charm, and when you move to a small town, you need to soak it all up. Enjoy the festivities that the small town puts on. Walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the parks you find there. Get to know everyone in your community and beyond, and learn about the unique history of the town.

What to Know Before Relocating to Glenn, Michigan

What to Know Before Relocating to Glenn, Michigan

Tucked between Saugatuck and South Haven, Glenn, Michigan is a charming small town that has a lot to offer. It’s just minutes away from Holland, Michigan, and is also close to the cities of Douglas and Fennville.

The Pancake Town

Glenn is known as “The Pancake Town” because of a blizzard that occurred on December 7, 1937. Over 200 motorists were stranded in Glenn when the roads became impassable during the storm. With so many visitors searching for food, the town’s stores quickly started running out of supplies. The community soon rallied together to feed the stranded passengers with a breakfast staple- pancakes. After serving up pancakes for three meals a day for several days, the town earned its interesting name of “The Pancake Town”. The town still holds pancake breakfasts throughout the year to carry on the tradition.

Nature-Based Elementary School

Glenn Public School serves students in grades K-6, and they recently partnered with the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland to create a nature-rich school. Educating children since 1854, Glenn Public School has earned the distinction of the Oldest Continuous Rural School District in Michigan. The Nature-Based School Initiative allows students to explore the world around them through outdoor activities and community service.

A Rich Art Community

The town of Glenn is well-known for its collection of art galleries nearby. Aspen Glenn Studio and At Last are located right in town and offer a wide variety of pottery, paintings, and sculptures to view and purchase. Just a short drive away are several other galleries, including:

  • Lake Effect Gallery
  • Washington Square Art Gallery
  • Button Gallery
  • Water Street Gallery
  • Blue Roan Studio
  • Peachbelt Studio & Gallery
  • Amazwi Contemporary Art
  • Discovery Arts Center
  • Blue Star Pottery
  • South Haven Center for the Arts

Wine and Cheese

There are plenty of vineyards and farms located in and around Glenn that offer fun experiences for adults and children along with delicious products. Cogdal Vineyards in South Haven boasts seven acres of grapes along with a tasting room. Fenn Valley Vineyards and Round Bar Winery in Saugatuck are other notable offerings along the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail. Evergreen Lane Farm and Creamery in nearby Fennville offers hand-crafted artisan cheeses directly from their goats as well as an apple orchard and tasting room.

Beaches and Parks

Being so close to Lake Michigan means there are plenty of outdoor activities to entertain residents and visitors all year long. A few notable options are:

  • Pier Cove Park
  • Saugatuck Harbor
  • West Side Park
  • New Richmond Park
  • Oval Beach
  • Tunnel Park

There’s always something to do in Glenn, and it’s a great place to raise a family. This quaint town with helpful, friendly residents is the perfect place to settle down. Thanks to Great Guys Moving for putting together this wonderful guide to Glenn, MI. If you need assistance finding interstate moving companies, contact Great Guys for a free moving quote.

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